Robert Jowder Custom Landscaping


Firewood: Our company splits and CURES these HARDWOODS for TWO SEASON before it is sold.

  • Hardwoods- Oak, Ash, Cherry, Maple, and Black Walnut.

Length size:16”-20” (Other sizes available upon request) 
Cord Size: 4x4x8

$200 per cord (Subject to change)

$125.00 per half cord (Subject to change)

$30.00 delivery fee is charged with the exception of Delaware County

  • Campfire wood- call for pricing
  • Smoker wood- $25 per bundle (12 pieces per bundle)
  • Mulch- triple shredded, termite treated black/brown dyed mulch - call for pricing
  • Top soil- call for pricing
  • Fill dirt- call for pricing


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